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Foundations Preschool exists to provide a safe, nurturing environment for preschooler’s where Biblical truths are taught as a Foundation for Salvation and Christian living.

We seek to have your children grow as Jesus grew Luke 2:52. In partnership with a child’s parents, we seek to build a foundation that honors God, understands Christ’s gift to us, and looks to understand the Bible Deuteronomy 6:5-9

A typical day at Foundations will include music, art, letters, numbers, shapes, sounds, a snack time, and other activities to promote growth in your children. All activities will have a Bible-centered theme or focus. Examples of knowledge and skill will be regularly evaluated throughout the year. We strive to ensure each child is on track for the next step in their education.

Field trips will be held at various times during the year. These will be activities where we will all meet to learn and play outside the school.

Each class day, one child will be given the honor and responsibility of being disciple of the day. This is a position in which the child gets to be the teacher’s assistant and helper, and is celebrated by the rest of the class. Parents are asked to send a treat for the class to school with your child on their day.

On the first day of each month, a calendar will be sent home with the child that details what is happening for each school day that month. This calendar has all details necessary to make sure your child is prepared for what is happening at school that day. Please review the calendar before coming to school each day to make sure any special needs or activities are prepared.

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